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Oakbay Investments – Investing in South African Media

Oakbay Investments is a South African investment company established in 2006, with interests in the ICT, mining, media, engineering, real estate and leisure sectors. In many of these sectors Oakbay’s investment companies have disrupted established industries in positive ways, and is a key contributor to the socio-economic growth of South Africa, Oakbay Investments is particularly interested in challenging the traditional media sector through its two media portfolio companies, Africa News Network 7 (ANN7) and The New Age (TNA) newspaper.

Business Objectives

Oakbay Investments is committed to helping South Africa develop and expand socially and economically, by creating high quality jobs, investing in local companies with a high potential of affecting positive change, and by paying substantial corporate taxes. Oakbay has invested over R10 billion into businesses in the country, and continues to provide employment to thousands of people. The firm makes a difference to the lives of its many South African employees, whilst at returning value to shareholders. The company’s goals are aligned with those of ANN7: promoting genuine change that will make an impact on ordinary South African citizens.

ANN7 – Responding to Industry Change

Oakbay Investments is a majority shareholder in ANN7: a company that is challenging South Africa’s traditional media sector. Launched in 2013, ANN7 is a 24-hour news channel that broadcasts through the South African digital satellite television system DSTV, and is available on all its packages. The channel meets the challenges of an industry that is going through major transition. As consumers’ relationship with traditional media streams changes, ANN7 is responding by remodeling its offerings with innovative new products.
To celebrate the channel’s anniversary, ANN7 also hosts the annual ‘South African of the Year Awards’ popularly known as SATY Awards.
SATY takes viewers on an inspirational and informative journey that evokes national pride and passion as they get to know the many incredible, formidable and notable South Africans that embody the essence of the inaugural “South African of the Year Awards”, thereby giving viewers a unique “up close & personal” trialogue with impacting South Africans.
The “South African of the Year Awards” is an extravaganza with a local and international star studded line up. It is held in high regard for precision, providing complete information about the process of nomination and selection of the final winners.

Oakbay Investments – Company Values

Part of the motivation behind launching ANN7 was to provide a balanced platform for debates on government policies. By broadcasting constructive and nation-building stories and employing a team of independent journalists, ANN7 follows Oakbay’s philosophy of promoting and developing South Africa.
Oakbay Investments nurtures a culture of team unity and pride among its staff, and promotes this within its portfolio companies including ANN7. Sound business ethics and firm faith in teamwork form a solid basis from which Oakbay can have a positive impact on South African lives.