Court sets aside department’s instruction in Afrikaans school case

North Gauteng High Court has slammed Gauteng Department of Education for forcing 55 students at Hoerskool Overvaal. Picture: Gallo Images

North Gauteng High Court Judge Bill Prinsloo has set aside the Gauteng education department’s instruction that Hoerskool Overvaal admit 55 more pupils for the 2018 academic year.

Prinsloo also criticised the department for the heavy-handedness shown when dealing with the Afrikaans only school.

The school governing body approached the High Court seeking to reverse the department’s decision to register 55 more pupils, seeking to study in English, at the school for the 2018 academic year.

During his judgment, Prinsloo condemned the department for unilaterally exceeding its powers by overriding the language policy of the school.

The judge also slammed the department for not verifying the capacity of the school.

He said, had the department made any effort to check, it would have discovered that enough space was still available at two other schools nearby.

He said principals were threatened with dismissal via WhatsApp after they handed in affidavits stating that there was enough space at other schools.

“Another principal was summoned to the department district offices where he was threatened with being fired and accused of being a racist and asked why he was helping an Afrikaans school,” Prinsloo said.

-TNA Reporter