‘Elect leaders who understand the price and sacrifice of leading’

Thabo Manyoni. Picture: Supplied

ANC Free State deputy chairperson Thabo Manyoni has urged members of the ANC to elect leaders who understand the price and sacrifice of leading, not to choose those who want to enrich themselves.

Manyoni said this ahead of the upcoming eighth Provincial Elective Conference (PEC), which is scheduled to be held this weekend.

“We must be able to elect born leaders because they know the cost and sacrifice of leading, not those that enrich themselves with public resources,” Manyoni said.

Manyoni said the CR17 programme is aimed at bringing a new democratic perspective in South Africa by the ANC, which includes clean and effective governance, free of corruption and focused on building the economy through job creation, infrastructural development and the creation of investment opportunities and building of social cohesion – the realignment of the National Development Plan (NDP) with government programmes.

“The CR17 campaign is the epitome of good leadership as defined in our discussion document ‘through the eye of the needle’, a movement for fundamental change. The ANC regularly has to elect leaders at various levels who are equal to the challenge of each phase of struggle.”

Manyoni is set to contest provincial, long-serving chairman Ace Magashule, for the party’s provincial chairmanship post.

Meanwhile, it is reported that the party is still conducting 29 Branch General Meetings (BGMs) that the High Court recently ruled were irregular.

It is expected that the re-runs will continue until Saturday.

-Sipho Jack