Jub Jub met co-accused Tshabalala ‘the day of the accident’


Hip hop singer Katlego Molemo Maarohanye, known as Jub Jub, has on Thursday said that he met co-accused Themba Tshabalala for the first time on the day of the accident.

Speaking during breakfast on Morning Live SABC, Maarohanye stated that there are a lot of things that were mixed up, stating that him and Themba were never friends.

“I saw Themba for the first time on the day of the accident. He was a person that I saw on the road and decided to race with,” said Maarohanye.

The rapper and Tshabalala was found guilty and sentenced to 25 years in prison for killing four children during a drag race in March 2010. Their sentences were reduced to eight years in 2016.

Maarohanye together with Themba Shabalala served four years behind bars. And they were both released on parole on January 5.

When asked how he felt about some families not willing to forgive him for what he did, he said that the conversations that have happened between the families and him are private.

“What happened or what is going to happen between me and the families stays there and it is not something that has to be publicised or to talk about,” said Maarohanye.

However, the father of one of the four children that were killed, has forgiven Maarohanye and Tshabalala.

Speaking to The New Age, Fezekile Cwayi, father of Mlungisi, said he and his wife had forgiven the two even though they had not asked for forgiveness.

“I have spoken to them twice, during the parole board hearings last October as well as in November. I told them they should change their ways and I know they have learnt from their mistake. It was not an easy thing to do. As a family, we have forgiven them as they have shown remorse,” he said.

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-TNA Reporter