Moto Z dispenses with traditional headphone jack, adds snap-on Mods


Motorola’s high-end Moto Z line is doing away with the traditional headphone jack, anticipating the superior quality of USB-C connectors in personal, portable audio.

Wafer-thin USB-C connections are capable of carrying higher quality signals, and a lot more besides: they can transmit video and power as well, representing a convergence in cable technology.

The 2015 Apple MacBook and Google Chromebook Pixels already have them, and phone manufacturers such as Huawei, HTC, LG and Xiaomi as well as Moto owner Lenovo are among those ushering in the Type-C standard.

Now the Moto Z, set for a US debut in Summer 2016 and international launch from September, is also joining the trend, as CNET observes.

Minimizing the space taken up by input and output ports may also contribute to the Moto Z’s range of modular accessories, which can be snapped on and off, boosting the phone’s battery life, loudspeaker volume, or even turning it into a miniature video projector.