No case being fabricated against McBride: Phahlane

Former Acting National Police Commissioner Khomotso Phahlane has disputed allegations that he,Picture: Gallo Images

Former Acting National Police Commissioner Khomotso Phahlane has disputed allegations that he is fabricating a case against IPID head Robert Mcbride.

This comes after it was reported that IPID raided seven of his properties this week.

Phahlane has since dismissed the reports saying he does not own seven houses.

“Let me place it on record that this is serious propaganda, I do not own seven properties, I only have one house,” Phahlane told SA FM.

He, however, confirmed that there was a search that took place on Monday morning which occurred while he was not in the house.

“There is nothing that was found on my premises which was not supposed to be there.”

According to reports, a number of items were reported to have been confiscated.

Phahlane said that some of the documents that were confiscated during the search were confiscated ‘illegally so’ and are related to the case against Mcbride.

“The documents that people are talking about are documents implicating the case against Mcbride.

“There is no case which is being fabricated against McBride. None of the documents referred to were supposed to be taken because those documents form part of our case.”

He added that some of the documents that were taken were records of financial transactions dating back to when McBride was EMPD chief which contained irregularities.

“Other documents were a set of email correspondences from Paul O’Sullivan recently proving that he continues to be involved in spearheading the IPID investigations,” he said.

Phahlane also denied allegations regarding his ‘seven’ vehicles that he was alleged to own.

“We only own three vehicles,” he said.

-TNA Reporter