SA’s most wanted criminal behind bars


Once named as an alleged cash-intransit heist gang kingpin Thabo Happy Mosia has emerged from the underworld and is facing charges for the kidnapping and the murder of 23-year-old SBV employee, Linda Matati.

Matati was last seen in Mosia’s company on December 8 after a party in Migson Manor.

She was with her best friend who recalled how they had been separated after the party.

“I wanted to travel with Linda to the next location but I was chased out of the car by Thabo who said I should travel with his friend,” the friend, who only wanted to be identified as Yvonne, said.

That was the last time she would see Matati. Five months have passed and Matati is yet to be found.

Mosia, who is feared by many in the community, was arrested on March 11, following an investigation.

At the suspect’s bail hearing, chilling details of Matati’s apparent last moments were revealed.

A state witness informed the police that he last saw Matati with Mosia at 4am on October 9 last year.

She appeared motionless and had bruises on her neck and legs. “He kept asking me if I knew a doctor as he was trying to resuscitate her,” the witness said.

Matati’s mother, Gloria Sibuye, said she believed in her heart that her daughter was still alive.

“We need closure but I have a strong feeling that she is still alive and Mosia may have hidden her somewhere,” she said tearfully with the support of community members and friends who showed up in their numbers for Mosia’s bail application.

But throughout the bail application, and despite the community being aware of Mosia’s alleged criminal background, the details that he was once one of SA’s most wanted did not emerge in the bail application.

According to reports, published at the time, Mosia was wanted in connection with the following heists:

• 2005 most wanted for a cash-intransit heist in Bedfordview

• 2006 wanted for a cash-in-transit heist in Mothutlung and Tsakane

• Mosia purchases a house for R1.2m

• He bought a house for his mother for R120000 in cash

• Audi was purchased for his wife

• Mosia deposited an amount of more than R700000 into four accounts

• All the accounts were opened in his mother’s name

• In 2010 The Hawks arrested 12 people. Mosia was difficult to catch, it was said he had fled the country

• 2011 Mosia was arrested in Eldorado Park by the Flying Squad. The Asset Forfeiture Unit seized his assets, including two houses.

• March 11 He is arrested and is charged with the kidnapping and murder of Matati.

This is where the timeline goes quiet. There are no further reports on him and it is unclear whether he was ever convicted.

The police have said he was acquitted on two armed robbery charges.

Magistrate Maggie van der Merwe refused bail, saying it was not in the interests of justice for him to be released.

His trial is set to start on May 12.