SASCO protest shutsdown NMMU

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The South African Students’ Congress (SASCO) mass protest has shut down the Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University on Monday due to tuition fees, funding, insourcing and withholding of student results.

SASCO said in a statement: “This decision is informed by an assessment which we have made regarding issues that affect the general student populace, children of the working class in particular and the exploited workers within the university.”

The institution urged students and workers on social media to stay away from both South and North campuses of the university earlier today.

The protest also is a continuation of the student fees campaign #FeesMust Fall lead by Student Representative Council (SRC) of the University of Witwatersrand in 2015.

The statement further indicates that the university council formed a task team in line with the demands advocated by the #FeesMustFall campaign, demands including: student financing, in-sourcing of service workers and the decolonisation of the current curriculum content.

The student organisation said their dissatisfactions were that students are unable to add modules for second semester due to outstanding funds of the first semester, a number of deserving students denied food and book allowances due to a threshold of qualification and student results are withheld affecting bursary applications.

Our quest for total transformation of the Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University, to make it a true reflection of Madiba’s legacy, has not gone without challenge by the backward white conservative arrangement in the university.

The deliberate delaying of insourcing, in order to demotivate workers, are attempts to weaken even SASCO as a transformation tool,” SASCO said in a statement.

It is alleged that a forced suspension of SASCO leaders including the chairperson took lace.

The SRCs called on all students formations, students, staff members to join them in a shutdown of the Main building.

Last week Rhodes University withheld 1616 June examination results of students who have not paid 50% of their annual tuition fees.

-TNA Reporter