Second annual Joburg Film Festival postponed


The closure of the Joburg Film Office has resulted in the postponement of the second annual, Joburg Film Festival which will no longer be happening across the city from October 20 to28.

The second annual Joburg Film Festival (JFF) which was supposed to have happened from October 20 to 28 has been called off with a new 2018 date set.

In an email statement director of the festival, Tim Mangwedi said the reason was taken by the festival ‘s curational team in order to make the festival “self-sustainable entity.”

According to JFF Director, Tim Mangwedi, the curatorial team took the decision to postpone this event in order to create a self-sustaining entity.

“As an event primarily supported by the City of Joburg, the closure of the City’s Film Office directly impacted the festival,” Mangwedi said

“With the support of all the relevant role-players, we continue to be committed to providing an exciting and progressive platform where South African and African excellence in cinematography can be showcased and rewarded,” he added.