Security guards arrests of mother with toddler condemned by all


Gauteng MEC for Community Safety Sizakele Nkosi-Malobane is livid about the treatment meted out against Thandi Chiparadza at Usave ShopriteSA in Cosmo City Centre.

MEC visited the popular food chain store after Facebook video incident posted by Thabiso Phinda on Saturday showing security guards manhandling the handcuffed woman while her three-year-old child cries inside Shoprite.

“We are still waiting to arrest the lady and gentleman that we are having on this case,” MEC NKosi-Malobane said on Twitter.

A video emerged on Saturday causing social media abuzz.


According to Phinda, it was because Chiparadza’s child had messed outside the UsaveShoprite.

“We are aware of this incident which took place in the Cosmo City Mall whereafter centre security apprehended a woman in Usave,” Shoprite SA said on Twitter.

“The incident leading up to this arrest happened in the Cosmo City Centre and involves the centre’s security not USave. ”

A customer who took the video is heard saying ” this is an assault “.

Social media users have lashed out Shoprite SA saying their response on the matter is insensitive with some saying that Usave must be boycotted.

In a statement posted on Facebook from the Centre management, they said the incident is regrettable and unfortunate.

“We have been alerted about the incident and are convinced this is not the way to treat customers especially in front of kids,” they said.

They said the two security guards involved in this video have been put on immediate suspension while the issue is been fully investigated.

“We have reached out to USave to understand the details of the incidence better and centre management is reaching out to the affected customers and determine what support can be afforded. ”


-TNA Reporter